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Le Mans Style Hardtop (full version)

The JK Le Mans hardtop is unique in that the rear (Although looking like a regular Le Mans hard top) screen actually opens and in so doing away with the need to split the boot lid and problems fueling up when retro fitted to cars with the fuel filler on the top of the rear deck.

For the first time there is now a hard top for a Cobra replica that is both stylish and practical.

The opening rear screen has been made possible by the development of a bespoke toughened glass rear screen which is convex in shape, is tinted and has a heater element.

Included in the JK Hard Top kit is a pair of side screens with alloy frames, headlining panels, all fixings, hinges, latches and seals. The top is secured via two “Over center” catches on the sides of the windscreen frame and 6 discreet  fixings on the rear deck.  The top requires two people to fit and remove and takes less than 2 minutes to do.

The Le Mans hardtop is available for the Dax 427 (Tojeiro) & Pilgrim Sumo III. We do also offer a Superformance/FFR version at an extra fee (£ 199).

Kit contents:

  • Main hard top molding in gel coat (needs to be finished before painting)
  • Tailgate in gel coat
  • One set of tailgate hinges (stainless steel)
  • One set of bears claw catches
  • One set of hood bows
  • One set of vver center catches (Stainless steel)
  • “E” marked heated toughened tinted glass rear screen.
  • One tube of screen bonding agent
  • None assembled – side screens  with side screen frames
  • Four stainless rear deck fixings
  • Two sets of chrome side screen hinges
  • All rubbers and seals
  • One set of gas rams and fittings for tailgate
  • One set gas rams for side screens

Shipping not included, only on request, will depends on address/location and country.

Option : Assembled – side screens  with side screen frames, only available on the Dax 427/Tojeiro) – on a extra fee of £ 150


£2,065.00 £2,065.00