Fuel Filler Cap Set – 3.5” Polished Aluminium, Lockable (Not IVA compliant)

This set does include :

-1) Very nice cast aluminium with 3½” BSP thread. Sprung Roller release catch. Rubber O-ring seal. 122mm diameter. 170mm end to end. 77mm high. Comes with rubber seal.

-2) Aston Neck : Anodised aluminium. 3½” BSP thread with 125mm diameter flange and 51mm (2″) hose outlet. Mounting hole PCD 114mm. Supplied with cork gasket and stainless fixings. Machined to accept the locking insert.

-3) Unvented lockable insert : Anodised aluminium top. Rubber seal. Un-vented. Supplied with two keys.

£314.00 £376.80