Some facts about JK

General information

‘DAX’ under new ownership. On the 15th August 2017 I’ve acquired the production of the Dax 427 from 427 Motor Company, formerly known as Dax Cars & DJ Sports Cars Int.

For over 20-years I have been (and will continue to be) an independent agent in Belgium. During this period I have sold many cars and kits as DAX BENELUX. DJ Sports cars, aka DAX, has been one of the UK’s leading kit car manufacturers for nearly 40-years, and this action sparks an exciting new chapter in the history of this marque, with plenty of brand new development plans for the Dax  427 “Cobra”.

With well over 3000 sold kits, this is very good news for existing owners. I have lots of exciting plans, for instance I will bring the Coupe project into the Dax range. The office location and workshop will remain in North Weald Basset. This will take place under the banner of JK Sports Cars, although the DAX name will remain part of the operation.

Kind regards,

John Kox
Owner / director JK Sports Cars Ltd
Owner / director Dax Benelux